Routino : Extras

Routino Extras

From version 2.6 of Routino some of the non-essential programs and scripts that were mixed in with the rest of the Routino source distribution are now separated into an 'extras' directory.

In version 2.6 the 'extras' directory contains the following:

In version 3.1 the following additional program will be included:


The main map now has the ability to add 'notes' which is a user-friendly way of tagging problems with the map. There are however many thousand fixme tags still in the database which do much the same thing. This program and web page are a way to bring attention to these because at least some of them are markers of problems that affect routing.

After the UK routing example database is updated a database of fixme tags in the UK is also generated.

Fixme Map for UK (zoom in and select the "Display fixme tags" button).

The changes in Routino that made this data extraction possible are mostly the same as the changes that made it possible to display the data parsing errors on the visualiser web page.

Data Visualiser for UK (zoom in and select the "Display Error Logs" button).


The Routino database is a concentrated source of information about the highways in the selected region. By stepping through the database the properties of each segment can be checked and recorded.

The program provided groups the data into regions that correspond to the standard OSM tiles (default of a zoom 13 tile). The highway properties are written out to a text file indexed by tile position. A separate Perl script is provided to create "heatmap" images from this data.

Statistics for UK.